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Educators for Nonviolence


Just wow.

This resource is absolutely amazing.

Courses to take, podcasts to listen to, videos to watch, tools to use.  All in the name of nonviolence in education.

It's an easy place to get lost -- full of wisdom, great ideas, and knowledge.

As so many are gearing up for the school year, we must prioritize educating ourselves in nonviolence in order to create a culture in our homes and classrooms that make nonviolence our first option when dealing with conflict and struggle. It will allow children to recognize the success of nonviolence throughout history, and how our culture so easily glorifies violence as the popular and effective choice. If we become literate in nonviolence, we can easily spread that literacy.

This resource is brought to you by the Metta Center for Nonviolence, which is another site full of even more information about nonviolence.  

So, put your Monday aside, and dive in.

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