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kindness is free

"What if kindness and compassion were taught in schools just like math and reading? What if kids were taught how to pay attention not only to lessons, but also to their own emotions? What if we all took steps to improve well-being in our lives and communities?"

Those are the words from the Center for Healthy Minds site, where they offer a Kindness Curriculum for preschoolers.

For free.

Random Acts of Kindness offers resources to help promote kindness for others in schools, at home, in they community, and in the workplace. They have curricula for middle and high schoolers, in addition to elementary-aged children.

Also, for free. (As are ALL of their resources!)

Free Spirit Publishing carries tons of books and resources that that help young people develop socially, emotionally, and intellectually. They also published this guide of 48 lessons, Create a Culture of Kindness in Middle School.

You guessed it. It's free.

Let's spread it. Spread that kindness everywhere. Bring it to schools. Into our homes. Teach it to our children. Even better, model it. It's free!

Side note: A few years ago, I came across an instagram post by @achildhoodstore (of A Childhood Store) of a t-shirt that said "speak kindly," shown in the picture above. I loved it, and inquired how to purchase one. She sent me four, one for each person in my family. For free. Just to spread kindness. How amazing is that? (They're no longer available, but she has an amazing shop full of adorable crayons and toys!)

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