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  • Deep Space Sparkle

    • Amy says:

      • A great first art lesson for introducing mixed-media projects.  My kids always love the chance to get a little messy and try new materials.  Works well for elementary ages.

  • Drawing Projects for Children

    • Heather says:​

      • This book was a great resource for exploring with various media.  Prior to using it, I looked through it and purchased all the materials to have on hand, because they aren't ones you'd necessarily have around the house.  It was fun to try out materials like charcoal, mixed media, and carbon paper!

  • How To Draw Animals by Jack Hamm

    • Jessamyn says:​

      • This book has been amazing for confidence building. My kids do not cower when trying to draw animals from all over the planet. It has clear step-by-step instructions and my kids have been using it since they were about 9 (though in the description is says it's more for 12+)

  • Tangle Art

    • Jessamyn says:​

      • Fun and creative art lesson ideas. My kids always have fun when we do one of these. 

  • Waldorfish

    • ​Jessamyn says:​​

      • I think this site is such a gift to the homeschool world. Even non-Waldorf families seem to love it. 

      • Weekly Art - We have been using these classes since they launched a few years ago. Some years we have done it weekly, other years I pick and choose art lessons based on what we are learning. My kids love Brian as a teacher. This was our first foray into video lessons and it was so much more functional than I feared. Lots of pausing :)

      • Diving Deeper - I highly recommend this as well if you have already done the weekly art classes. The perspective drawing block was our favorite!

      • Form Drawing - Even though I was already form drawing with my children, the series on Waldorfish has felt worth doing. We watch the video together, and then all week we just take 5-10 minutes each morning as part of our learning time to practice the form. We like to turn on music and just zone out. Then we try to make a beautiful final form on Friday. 

      • Geometry - We did the grade 5 course and my kids enjoyed it. It is a great intro to geometry. 

    • Heather says:

      • We are one of those non-Waldorf families that Jessamyn's referring to above!  We've loved these lessons, and really like having them there for when we want them.  We too, sometimes do them ​weekly, and sometimes dabble in them when the mood strikes.​

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