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nature studies

  • Nature Journaling Resources

    • Field Guides

    • Blank books

    • water color pencils

    • water color brushes

  • Raising Little Shoots​

    • Heather says​:

      • We've used the Phenology Guide for a couple years now, and the kids ​love them!  If frequent nature journaling feels overwhelming for you, this is a perfect solution.  It's really fun to look back at the nature we've explored and documented, and has created a wonderful memory for us.  Considering this is only worked on once per month, it doesn't take much time, and is really worth it!  They also offer a year-round nature curricula, nature journaling guide, and free resources.

  • Wild LA

    • Heather says:

      • I know this resource is more for LA locals, but I can't help but mention it!  ​For those in the LA area, it's a really great book for learning about nature in an urban area, listing native and introduced plants and animals, along with hikes and field trips to explore.  Bring a nature journal and discover some new places and nature!

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