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  • Big Life Journal

    • Heather says:​

      • We have used several of the sets from here, and especially loved the Growth ​Mindset Kit.  I really love making these our focus every once in awhile, where we'll take a week, and go through the set of worksheets and activities.  They really help with building vocabulary around growth mindset, the science behind the benefits of challenge, and overcoming challenge.  And the artwork is really beautiful!

  • Sitting Together Curriculum

    • Heather says:

      • What a wonder of a resource!  This has brought us so much understanding in mindfulness and meditation.  It has made the practice of meditation accessible to everyone in our family.  While so many other curricula and resources come in and out of our lives, this one has stuck.  We usually spread each topic out over the course of a week, repeating the meditation each day, in order to really sink into that topic.  (It's worth noting that each lesson suggests an picture book that is not included, but most are available at your local library.)

  • soulfill:

    • Heather says:​

      • A collection of resources that focuses on resources and connections that support the children in our lives to grow within themselves, in their relationships with others, and in their connection with the world.   From books, to curricula, to blogs, and websites... it’s a gathering of tools and strategies for families and children to help fill our world with kindness, awareness, peace, acceptance, respect, and love.   ​

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