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Connection-based homeschool support

Do you need some individual support with your homeschool journey?  Heather offers just that!  The focus is on strength-based learning, discovering how homeschooling works best for your family, what brings passion and joy, how to navigate the sometimes overwhelming world of homeschooling, and more.   

Start with a FREE 30 minute consultation:  Do you need support in getting started?  Readjusting your plan?  Creating an inviting learning space?  Do you need to bounce ideas off someone with lots of experience?  

Some areas of support:

  • Getting started: getting set up, finding what works, adjusting to homeschooling, etc.

  • Discovering learning styles: understanding what makes your child tick; their needs, interests, motivations

  • Materials and the space: curriculum, materials, methods of engagement

  • Routines: daily, weekly, yearly rhythms

  • Building community: planning, collaborating, socializing

  • Non-academic needs: social/emotional skills, responsibilities, time management

  • Educational mind-shift: shifting from traditional educational theories to what works for your home

  • Creating your homeschool lifestyle: integrating homeschooling into what you’re already doing, learning to see the learning, shifting from traditional to alternative educational mindsets

  • Legal: CA state requirements, testing, documentation. If you live outside of CA, help you work within your state guidelines, but we do not have expertise on the legalities of other states.

Heather's background:

  • Credentials

    • General education teacher credential

    • Special education teacher credential

    • M.A. in Special Education

    • 6 years of teaching in the CA homeschool charter system

    • 10+ years of personal homeschooling experience

    • Over 15 years of teaching experience (classroom, curriculum development, homeschool enrichment programs)

  • Specialties and Interests

    • Discovering the learning in the everyday... embracing and valuing learning through passions, interests, and daily life

    • Identifying and adjusting to different learning styles, needs, and abilities

    • Creating a relaxed and nourishing homeschool lifestyle that works for the whole family

    • Gifted education, special education, and neurodiversity

    • Social and emotional learning, executive functioning skills, non-academic needs

    • Work/homeschool life balance

    • Resources for connection with self, others, and the world: kindness, nonviolence, inclusion, mindfulness, nature, growth mindset and more

There are two options for consultation:

Option #1:


45-minute phone/video call

one week of email access after call

Option #2:


3 45-minute phone/video calls to be completed in 1 month's time

email access during that month

20-minute follow up call one month later


Reach out and let us know what you need!  We’ll set up an initial consultation phone call and make a plan that works for you. 

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