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social studies

  • A Year Full of Stories

    • Heather says:​

      • This is a really beautifully illustrated book that shows one story per week from ​cultures around the world.  It can easily be used as a jumping off point for more in depth learning, or just to start off the week with a story.

  • Global Village School​​​​

    • Heather says:

      • These are great resources for books (both picture and chapter) that focus on social and environmental justice, and cultures around the world.  They do not include daily lessons, but instead give resources to guide your learning.  We love the company's message and their goals!

  • History Quest - Early Times

    • Jessamyn says:

      • For our fifth grade year we focused on Ancient civilizations and this book became our go-to intro to each culture we learned about. I used it as a read aloud. It was more clear and engaging than other history books we have used and I feel like it always left us with a real flavor of each culture. The Study Guide was less useful to us, mainly because we ended up finding our own projects, but all af the ones recommended seemed good and doable. Lots of hands-on projects.

  • Layers of Learning

    • Heather says:​

      • If you are diving into a specific time period to learn about​, this site most likely has it covered.  You can purchase the topic individually, or use their whole year of learning.  If you have multiple ages in the family, the lessons break each topic into activities appropriate for children from 1st through 12th grades.

    • Jessamyn says:

      • This is one of the most user-friendly curriculums I’ve ever encountered. It is affordable, clearly laid out, and packed with excellent book recommendations, great project ideas, and lots of fun nudges for deeper learning.

  • soulfill:

    • Heather says:​

      • A collection of resources that focuses on resources and connections that support the children in our lives to grow within themselves, in their relationships with others, and in their connection with the world.   ​The "with others" section has many resources for learning about diversity, different cultures, US history, and more.  It’s a gathering of tools, resources, and strategies for families and children to help fill our world with kindness, awareness, peace, acceptance, respect, and love.   

    • ​Jessamyn says:

      • Thank you to Heather for this amazing resource! We will be coming back to this again and again. In the “with others” section I found the free Peace Literacy curriculum this year, and that has sparked important thinking and discussion in our house. As it’s an election year, I have been grateful for this site, as it helped us with finding good resources for learning about the history of voting rights in the US. The Big Life Journal from the “within” section has been an excellent resource for us as well, in terms of cultivating self-acceptance and a growth-mindset.

  • Zinn Education Project

    • Heather says: ​

      • This site gives a TON of information and lessons on history, and is easily searchable by theme, time period, and resource type.  As various anniversaries, historical events, and news events arise, we use this site to gather more information.

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