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Groovy Go-to Games #4 - Banana

This one is for all the road trippers and city dwellers. I once witnessed this game make a 2 ½ hour car ride out to the desert, with four kids under 10, disappear without a single complaint.

Goal: Be the first to spot a yellow hued vehicle on the road and shout “Banana!”.

How to play: Decide how many points you get per banana. Standard rules in our time zone are 5 points for a regular yellow vehicle, 20 points for a fancy yellow vehicle. Or sometimes, we go completely rogue and make up the points as we go, which makes it even more outrageous (5 points for a yellow car, 100 points for a yellow construction vehicle, 2 million points for a yellow sports car!) Game ends when you arrive at your destination. Highest points win.

Warning: Be prepared to argue about and debate the definition of “yellow”. Does a school bus count? Also, be prepared to moderate arguments over who called it out first. Diffuse tensions with arbitrary rule changing and silliness.


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